Plan With Me (PWM)|Week of 8/29-9/3

Hi guys! Omg I cannot believe another month has also passed by again and I haven’t posted; thank you for watching my videos. I have been trying to film a vlog type of video which I think I am going to compile into monthly vlogs and post them on a monthly basis…If anyone is still interested in my videos I have a Plan With Me (PWM) weekly spread this week. I am thinking I may create this into a mini series but not sure yet….my calligraphy is almost non existent so I am not really sure if it will be interesting to watch lol. Let me know in the comments down below what you think I should do. By the way the planner that I own is the Happy Planner, I once purchased an Erin Condren planner but I thought that was a mistake because of how expensive it is. Honestly you can now buy a planner from the Michael’s brand, Recollections and it’s almost identical for a quarter of the price.



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